Competitive Strategy

McOttley Money Lending uses a hybrid competitive strategy of differentiation combined with cost leadership in its market segment. The Management believes that this strategy is a contemporary one that gives the highest satisfaction to customers while maximizing shareholders wealth.

The differentiation strategy is based on speedy delivery, reliable and quality services. The cost leadership is achieved partly through efficiency, lean processes and strategic relationship and alliances with suppliers.

McOttley's Money Lending market borrowing are managed by experienced professionals, whose lending decisions are based on the outcome of a thorough market research analysis of all prospective target investors and creditors using multi-criteria screening approach. Our goals based approach provides support and follow-up on a continuous basis to ensure our clients are receiving a first-class level of service and support. We are able to deliver tailored solutions that match our clients’ values and financial objectives. Our corporate philosophy in financial service and credit administration is to empower our clients in every aspect of their business.

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