How to apply for loans

Applying for a loan can be nerve-racking but if you can be prepared for the process by having a fore knowledge of what McOttley Money lending look out for, then it can be a stress free process. Information you provide during the application process helps McOttley Money lending to know your risk level or the likelihood of you repaying and hence whether or not you would get the funds

For an already established business, McOttley Money lending will want to know if your business is doing well and is sound. Owners will need to do this by providing statements of accounts and show the level of profitability for the period it has been in existence. As owners of a new business looking for start-up funds, proof of potential profitability is essential. To do this, you will need to provide a detailed business plan that includes your monthly cash flow projections for the first twelve to twenty-four months you will be in business.
As an individual looking for a personal loan, make sure you have a regular source of income if possible have documents that proves your source of income. This will prove your ability to service the loan. Accessibility to a guarantor makes the process easier.
To increase the chances of securing a loan facility for either your business or personal needs, it’s important for the applicant to have a good credit report. Whether you have other loan obligation is something McOttley Money lending takes seriously.

When you have been careful to follow these processes religiously, be sure that your chance of securing your loan facility is high.
  • Applicant must have regular source of income
  • One passport size picture endorsed by applicant
  • Copy of a National Identification Card (Passport/voter ID, Driver’s License, NHIS Card)
  • Business registration certificate
  • Internal revenue Service tax clearance certificate
  • Last Three (3) months statement of account from a bank
  • Must agree to take a post-dated check
  • A Guarantor (who must be willing to pay back the loan in case of default)
  • Any other relevant documentation could be sourced for.
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