Personal Loans

McOttley Money Lending appreciates the financial challenges individuals go through and therefore, we are passionate about making life easier for our clients by making provision for personal loans to give our clients financial reliefs. With our financial and professional network, we have created huge portfolio ready to give loans to individuals for urgent financial needs, payment of rent, land purchase, acquiring household assets and equipment, payment of educational expenses such as school fees or any other needs

At McOttley Money Lending, our personal loan scheme is structured to enable salary workers of reputable organizations and individuals to access loans for their personal needs and activities. It is specially designed for salary workers or individuals with regular source of income. As a salary worker, you may need a salary advance for an unforeseen contingency; McOttley Money Lending should be your first point of call because timeliness is our hallmark.

Our professional credit team would give you nothing but the best of customer care with quick but quality and straight forward loan application processes and procedures. With our strict professionalism in the application of loans, we are bent on delivering on our promise of bringing you financial relief. We pride ourselves in being the right partner to our customers. That is why we have designed an exclusively secured personal loan product to help you meet your personal financial needs.

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